Another nail polish I’ve been hunting down for a while. And I love it! A third layer would’ve made it perfect!


L’oreal 7 in 1 savior, Sally Hansen lustre shine 006 lava (2 layers), Sally Hansen insta dri

I love how it looks good even on my short nails! I was actually thinking on Konading these nails but I loved the color so much I didn’t want to add anything to it yet, I’ll first enjoy it as it is 🙂

I’ve been dreaming on longer nails and I really need to do some Konads again, I’ve been browsing Belegwen’s blog (in Finnish) and oh my gosh! The nails there are amazing!


My mom is finally moving to her new apartment at the beginning of this month, and we need to do some serious cleaning there, as well as some minor renovating. After that my husband is starting his summer vacation and after that I’ll start working again! So I’ll be posting from now on only every other day or at least few times a week.