Ok I actually made a shortcut and just added the purple nail polish on the top of my previous nails 😛 But the glitter is definitely better this way, first I was a bit suspicious if I’d like the glitter or not but after looking my nails for half a day, I decided that I really like them!


L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour, (L’oreal paradise flower), Gosh 002 misty mauve, L’oreal paradise flower, Sally Hansen insta dri

ps. the glitter is pain in the *** to remove! I read somewhere (can’t remember anymore where the credit should go!) that this helps: soak a swab in a nail polish remover and put it on the nail, add a piece of a foil and let the remover do its job for few minutes. When you remove the foil and swab, press it against the nail and tadah! most of the glitter is off. No need to rub the nails so hard! This works!