I had promised myself that when I get a job, I can buy a pair of shoes. So when I got to know that I got one (yay! I got the job I was hoping to get, will go back to the same company I worked before my maternity leave), I went for shoe shopping. I needed office shoes as well as comfortable but pretty walking shoes. I hadn’t decided which ones I’d buy, I usually have great difficulties buying shoes (I have bunions and quite specific taste) so I thought on just going and trying to find at least something. My mom recommended one shoe shop so we went there, and I was in heaven! They had such a big selection of shoes of my taste, and those brands that fit my feet! I picked few shoes and according to those, the sales people brought me similar shoes so that we found the ones that fit me.


So I bought two pairs of shoes!

After this my mom (not even so discreetly) suggested that maybe it would be time for me to buy some new clothes too. The latest purchases for me have been breast feeding shirts, but I won’t be needing these after this summer and they’re not so suitable for work… I started to think what I actually have in my closet and realized that it’s been five years since I have bought new “normal” clothes for myself (maternity clothes aren’t normal!). And for some reason (those two little kids might have something to do with this) I don’t really fit in my old clothes anymore… And quite recently stopped dreaming on fitting in my old clothes, I guess my hips and other “shapes” just are not what they used to be…

So I decided to use those savings I was saving in case I would have to be unemployed for a while. I decided to renew my whole wardrobe (actually I have no choice, all my old clothes are too small!) and  decided to focus on basic clothes I can mix and match. And so I went shopping!


I was really lucky, I happened to be on move (rare for me! I’m always too late!) on the right time, it was the first day of summer sales! I found two jeans on a price of one (also not so easy for me, being this short requires some sewing on the trousers which usually messes up with the cut of the trousers, ending up with knees in my ankles). And nice sweater (black), laced t-shirt (black), a jacket (black), a black dress, few scarfs (colorful!) and a basic t-shirt (red!), all these on a price of the jacket!


For the latter the sales ladies started to bring me different clothes that weren’t yet priced on sale (but would be), just for me to try on! I felt like a princess, I have never gotten such a good service! They suggested what I could use and how (seriously, being quite close to 30 and I don’t know how to wear scarfs in any other than one way!) and brought me only clothes that were on discount.


Having the kids with me all the time limits the time I can use on shopping in real time, so I also did some online shopping. I ordered few basic colorful shirts (I don’t like prints so just “normal” shirts) and two black knitted sweaters. Half of these were last pieces and on sale, so I got quite many pieces in a price of few shirts.

Efficient and “cheap”! Now I start to be really excited to get back to work 🙂 Though I’m so happy I can still enjoy the summer and be at home with the kids. Thank god I have such a good situation that our son (2,5 y) got a place from a daycare that’s across the street and our daughter (will be 10 months on Fall) will be with my mom. I don’t feel so bad going to work, and can enjoy it (I like working [and money])!