When me moved we had curtains in every window, plain, “old people” looking (the previous owners were retired). Finally I hung our own curtains and now our home looks more like us, like home.

I actually bought new curtains only to the kitchen (the flowers). Once I moved out from my parents home, my mom bought me good quality curtains and I still love them (the black and red rose squares). I hung them in out bedroom. And the “office” has the curtains we had in our previous livingroom (the light leaves and branches), bought when we moved there.

Kids room has colorful curtains, after the both kids are sleeping there and the decoration is finished (we’ll need a bunk bed), I’ll buy quality there too (now they’re from ikea).

Luckily the livingroom curtains that the previous owners left were quite ok, so I didn’t need to buy new ones for those windows.

And I’m lucky my mom can sow, she changed the hanging system so that the old curtains fit here.

One step closer to our looking home!

ps. this was my first mobile post!