My mom saw the red velvet muffins (I hadn’t frosted them yet) I made for my friend and she was so mesmerized from them that I wanted to do a cake for her from the same recipe. I made a small cake (half of the recipe) and decorated it with a leftover butterfly (thoughtful) and added the first fondant flower I had made previously (need to improve the technique still). I recently bought a cake cutter and tested it for the first time for this. It’s perfect! Don’t know how I’ve survived without it before!


The cake actually tasted better to me than the muffins! It didn’t even need to be moisturized with anything. And most importantly, Mom liked it too ❤

Here’s also a pic from the flowers I got to my mom, I was so happy, they were so pretty! (I gave free hands to the florist, just said the prize range and that it had to have some pink.)