I’ve been wanting to do macaron cakes for a long time and when I saw the recipe (and pics) in the baking magazine (Koristeelliset kakut = Cake decorating), I couldn’t do much more than try them out. After the nice success on the tiger cake, I tried to transform the recipe low-carb on these too. I didn’t have time to do these during the daytime so I started to work on these after the kids had gone sleep. I did the usual, used sweetener instead of the sugar and coconut flour instead of the normal flour.

Well, this didn’t work out.

The dough was grainy even though I increased the amount of liquids (maybe coconut flour and sour milk don’t work together?), I don’t have the right kind of tin so I put the dough straight on the baking tray, ending up like 10 cm diameter cookies and my purple macarons turned ugly-green (something to do with the sour milk again?) after baking. Well, this was not enough.

After I had added up all the liquids to make the dough even a bit more even, I had like double of the amount of the dough. I don’t have enough baking trays (I have 2) so I had to take the ready ones to cool down somewhere before putting the next ones ready to be baked. So I slid the baking paper with the “cookies” on them on the kitchen table (granite) and let them cool down there while putting the next ones on the tray. I did not realize that the cool granite table and hot baked goods on baking paper will produce quite a lot moisture under the “cookies”. After I realized this, I had already put two trays to cool down on the table.

I tried to take the cookies to be cooled down somewhere else but of course the huge cookies broke into 100 pieces when I tried to take them off from the baking paper. Maybe it would have been time to give up? Oh no. I took a bowl, threw the broken cookies there (all the different colors). Then I grabbed a round cookie cutter and made smaller cookies from the big ones, managed to take them (mostly) as a whole piece and put them to cool down (and dry) elsewhere. But they were still ugly as hell. The last tray that I did not put on the kitchen table were obviously easiest to handle. All the leftovers (like 2/3 of the dough) I put in the bowl to be used to something (still the cheap cook in me won’t waste anything!). It was already midnight and I was so pissed that I just went to sleep.

The next day the cookies had cooled down and had condensed a bit, and were easier to handle. So I still decided to try to do the macarons from them. I made a butter-cream cheese mix (lemon flavored) and piped it on the cookies. I was still too pissed to taste them but my son told they were good (I didn’t believe him). Later that day I served these to our guests even though I had thought they were too ugly to be served.


They actually ended up tasting really good! So I almost forgot to take the pic, here’s what was left from them (note the “purple” ones!). But still, they were really ugly, so I definitely need to

a) get the macaron tray

b) modify the recipe more.

I’ll get back to this!