Friends have been asking from me how do I find time to post every day.

Well, actually I don’t write posts every day and some times I write few posts in a day (usually when I do write, it takes basically few hours since my writing is always interrupted by something [called kids]). It all depends what I’ve been doing (maybe baking and done nails during the same day!) and how I get rid of the kids (for example sleeping at the same time during the day, or her sleeping and him playing with dad). The little secret I have is that I’m writing posts well ahead and schedule them!

I usually have posts ready for the next 7 days, so that if I happen to have really busy few days, I don’t need to worry about blogging (and that’s what I actually would do! 😀 ). That’s also why my pics are quite bad in quality, I take the pics with my phone, so that I can take them immediately (baked goods won’t last for long, not to mention about the nails!) and upload later when I have time. I like reading blogs with pics, so I rather have bad quality pics than no pics at all. Blogs without pictures are just boring, I’m like a little kid with that.


(To find a random pic for this post I went through my facebook pictures, eventually ended up with this where I was studying in a train.)

(This post was written on 17th of April, and interrupted twice.)