I’ve been wanting to do some royal icing flowers for a long time after I saw instructions for them in the baking magazine (Koristeelliset kakut/ Cake decorating) but I haven’t had royal icing for that ready. So after I did the chocolate chip cupcakes decoration, I had some extra thick royal icing. I had only about one hour time (the boys were playing outside and she was napping), and since I have the problem that I don’t get things just by reading instructions but I have to try everything (and fail and then realize what I did wrong, try again, fail again and maybe after few times I get what I was supposed to do).


So I ended up with some flower decorations but they weren’t even close to what they were supposed to be and after it was too late (meaning she woke up), I realized that I did it all wrong! Oh well, maybe next time I’ll get nicer and thinner flowers. Also my royal icing was a bit too thick I guess…


I had lots of excess pink royal icing so keeping my mind at future, I did some other flower decorations (and some ugly hearts) too. I’ll be needing lots of flower stuff next month!