Friend of mine told that actually in Finland there is no copyright in the recipes (in finnish: http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/tekoik/all.html), so I can publish whatever recipe! So, from now on I’ll publish all the successful recipes I’ve tried 🙂 Though of course as it is a good practice, I’ll let you know from where I’ve taken a recipe if it is not my own.

Ok, now to the baking. I wanted to have strawberry cupcakes with lemon frosting. I’ve done the same mistake before, I hope from now on I’d remember that frozen strawberries don’t really work well in baking. The consistency of the muffin was waxy though my husband told me that they did taste good. I also had small problems with the frosting, one of my piping bags broke and I didn’t have any clean ones to be used, so I had to improvise with a small plastic bag, a piping tip and piping tip holder. Didn’t really work well but I finished the frosting.

Well, at least I did get to practice frosting techniques, I tried the easy rose frosting (where you start from the middle of the muffin instead of the edges). I also used some flower decorations I made a day earlier. More about those a bit later.


I can’t wait to get fresh strawberries! I’ll come back to strawberry cupcakes later…