My son had his name day so we baked some cupcakes for him. I had oranges that needed to be used and some leftover mango cream cheese. He happens to love both of these fruits so we baked orange cupcakes with mango frosting. I did only half of normal amount of dough since I wanted only some cupcakes.


ORANGE-MANGO CUPCAKES (12 small cupcakes)

75 g butter

1/2 dl sugar

1 egg

1 orange

1 dl flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

  1. preheat the oven to 175 C
  2. mix the butter and sugar
  3. add the egg and mix
  4. squeeze the juice from the orange and add it to the mix
  5. add the flour (through a shifter)
  6. add the baking powder
  7. fill in the cups (I put only 1/2)
  8. bake for 15 min

50 g butter

4 dl powdered sugar

100 g mango cream cheese

  1. mix all the ingredients
  2. dye if you wish (I used liquid (yellow and red) food colour)
  3. let the frosting settle down in a fridge for a while
  4. do the artwork on top of the muffins, I used nonpareils and m&m’s (this amount of frosting for these muffins was a bit too much so about 30g/3dl/75g should be enough!)

I originally wanted the frosting to be brighter but I needed to use my liquid food colours because they have expiry date quite close (like half a year but I tend to prefer Wiltons gel colours but don’t want to waste the liquids either), so the frosting was quite pale orange. I preferred the frosting without the candies but I know my son loves those, so had to put them there for some colour 🙂