The top of the carrot cake I made previously burned a bit, so I cut one layer off from the cake and made cakepops from it. This time I added lemon cream cheese and no sugar, so that the pops wouldn’t be so sweet. I also tested dying the white chocolate. Did not work, at least in the extent I hoped for. I tried yellow and red and this is what I ended up with. Quite lame.


The cakepops were really good but I think I need to admit my defeat and order those Candy Melts for the next time. Also not so round and smooth since the crust of the cake wasn’t too smooth to work with! This time I made the cake-cream cheese balls two days earlier so they were nicer to work with. Since the balls were cold the excess chocolate didn’t take forever to drip off (the chocolate dried faster) and the sticks attached really well. One more lesson learned!