For the almost last ten years I’ve done something “big” in my life every year.

2004: I moved out from my parents home to go to study in a different city


2005: I met my husband-to-be and we started dating

2006: I moved in together with my husband-to-be

2007: I got engaged with my husband-to-be and went abroad (USA, IA) to study for half a year (there two are not related!)


2008: I graduated (M.Sc.) and moved to another city to work


2009: I bought a rowhouse apartment with my husband-to-be

2010: I got married


2011: I got a son

2012: I got a daughter (and switched a job)


2013: I bought a house with my husband

The phrase “traffic years” (ruuhkavuodet) seems have happened to me. I kind of would like to calm down, have a permanent job and start to live that “happy family life”. Only after making this list I realized how hectic my life has been. I do understand that having two small kids does not go well with peaceful and easy life, but I’d like to settle down and not to do anything big, at least for a while 😉