I have to admit I’m really cheap, I mean in a way that I hate to waste anything. Especially when it comes to food. So after I was finished with my royal icings one day, I took a baking paper and used the leftovers to make some sprinkles. And this is what I do with all my leftover royal icings, trying to waste nothing! After these had dried over night, I put them in a glass jar (a baby food jar) and put a piece of paper between the jar and lid to keep the sprinkles dry.


I have to admit that I didn’t totally come up to this on my own, but read once from some blog that someone (unfortunately I can’t remember anymore to who the credit should go) made these sprinkles, but she made the icing just for making the sprinkles, not from leftovers.


Obviously you can do other shapes and decorations too, not just sprinkles. That’s just what I do if I want to be fast and don’t have anything special in my mind. White icing is great for making eyes! Just add black dot immediately or later.

Btw, my husband was laughing at me when I was doing these, that it can be seen that I have been pipetting for living… I have to admit, it came kind of straight from the spine 😀