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I was supposed to do cookies but the dough was too dry and I was too lazy to modify it, so I decided to make “cookiepops”. I put a wooden stick in cookie balls and baked them, replaced the wooden sticks with lollipop sticks and realized how stupid idea it was. The cookie balls were ugly shaped, too big and quite hard to eat. I dipped only few in chocolate and left the rest just as they were. Well, my men liked them (they did taste good but were just inconvenient) and we did eat all of them. Experimental kitchen rarely works…

So next time I went grocery shopping I bought right ingredients for cakepops. I made a banana cake (from banana muffin recipe, found again in the baking magazine) and mixed it with mango cream cheese and powdered sugar (put about half of the amount that was in the recipe). I dipped the cakepops in dark and white chocolate, and added some sprinkles. The dark chocolate was quite hard to work with, it was so thick and I dropped few balls. It also took forever to get rid of the excess chocolate. White chocolate was much easier and faster to work with. (Next time I’ll try to colour the chocolate, let’s see how it works! I know people use Candy Melts but I’d need to order those online, so I’m going to rely on my experimental kitchen again…)

I also realized that it’s a good idea to keep all the pops in the fridge all the time and just take them out one at a time to be dipped and put them back in cold.

Again a bit too sweet for me, next time I’ll try with lemon cream cheese.