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After recovering from the destroyed nails last time, I made some girlish and light polishing. It ended up better than I thought. Light enough but a bit bling bling for the spring. Unfortunately the bling doesn’t show as well in the pics as in nature.


I used Essie grow stronger as base, one coat of Essie spaghetti strap and on top of it one coat of Flomar supershine U20 (for the pinkish bling). On top is Orly sec’n dry and again some nail stickers.

I try to take care of my nails (which are really dry, thanks to the diaper changing and constant hand washing) and every time I polish them, I give them some oil (Sally Hansens Diamond strength cuticle + nail oil, really lasting stuff!) and poke the cuticles grown on the nail away. Those nourishing base coats have also been really helpful and if I don’t have the time to do any proper polishing, I try to wear at least some colourless (nourishing) nail polish. One other thing that has stopped my nails from chipping all the time is a glass file. Especially now I can’t have too long nails so that I don’t damage my kids (too much), and since my nails (and hair) is growing really fast at the moment (thanks to the breastfeeding, though with Eelis after half a year I started to lose all my hair and my nails became extremely fragile, hope that doesn’t happen now!), I need to file my nails at least once a week. Glass file is really fast, efficient and gentle! (So Jaya, buy that oil and a glass file! 😉 )

ps. sorry for the shadow gesture 😀 don’t know where it came from!