Ok, I have also done something else than baking (though a friend of mine didn’t believe this). One day I managed to do some polishing to my nails! No fancy artwork, just stickers…


Btw, after I had just finished these, a door bell rang (I hadn’t yet done a sign forbidding people to ring our bell when the kids are sleeping) and a guy advertising windows (wtf) introduced himself and grabbed my hand for a shake… Bye bye nice polish and welcome cranky son who woke up in the middle of his nap… Thanks a lot!

After that I made the sign (which I now tend to forget on the door…) and tried to repair the damage. Obviously my son was already awake so I had to put some nail stickers for him too (he wanted some polish too but I said no to that).

I used Essie grow stronger as a base, added Lumene groovy (mini nail polish) and Flomar supershine U01 (cannot see it but it has some glitter), and on top Orly sec’n dry. Also added some random nail stickers.