Even now when our baby girl is four months old, I’m (positively) surprised every time I put her to sleep in her crib. Almost every time she falls asleep on her own and doesn’t need anything. She can “talk” to her hanging toys for even 20 minutes, and then start to sleep! Also, during nights (22-07) she wakes up to eat only 2-3 times. She doesn’t sleep more than 2 hours (usually 1-1,5 h) during the days, but then again she doesn’t socialize during nights, which is my priority.


Our boy was a bad sleeper until he was a bit over one year old. He woke up 5-10 times a night and didn’t fall asleep on his own, ever.

Partly I can blame only myself, I believe I responded too much and too quickly on his noises. He went to his own room already when he was about 7 months old because he woke up every time we went to sleep or got up and I woke up to every sound he made. Now he sleeps whole night without waking up (or even if he does, no action is needed) from about 20 to 06, and day naps about from 13 to 15, sometimes even to 16.


By the way, sleeping child IS one of the most beautiful sights in the world! It usually means that at least for a while it’s silent and peace…

There are also few other things I’ve noticed are different between the kids. She cried a lot, now it’s not so bad anymore. Nothing helps but to wait. I don’t remember him crying so much when he was a baby, and if he did, there was always a reason for the cry. Then again, she talks more and started earlier than he did. And he moved around earlier than she. She wants to socialize and see what’s around, he wanted to see mommy.

Interesting all these differences between the kids!