I have baked cookies before years and years ago, and once about three years back. For some reason I decided to do really laborious cookies and ended up thinking that cookies are too time consuming to make. Then I stayed on baking muffins and cheese cakes.

Recently a new baking magazine was published in Finland and my mom bought me the first issue. There was this easy cookie recipe and I tried it with my son, successfully (he too loved baking (i.e. eating the dough) them). Icing the cookies wasn’t so easy, so I sent my boys to do some shopping and quickly (while the smallest one was sleeping her one hour nap) did my first royal icings.

It was fun!


Too bad that the cookies didn’t last for long, after they had dried, I packed them in a nice box (so I could just put it straight to a coffee table when needed) and opened the cupboard I was going to put them in. A spaghetti bag dropped, right on the cookies, and I dropped the box upside down. For a while I looked at the smashed cookies and eventually just collected them on another box, hid them from guests and have been feeding those crumbles to my son.