2014 Review

The year was hectic but a success! I had big plans for this year, did not accomplish all of them in the extent I wished but some I just rocked!

Home: My goal was to get organized and with this I participated into the 2014 challenge – 2014 items gone by the end of 2014. Well, I almost made it: total of 1647 items were gone from our house! That is a lot and I can really feel it! Will still get rid of few items in few weeks once someone gets them (couch, kitchen table plus 5 chairs…), so I call it 1654 items! SUCCESS!

Family: The idea was to spend quality time together with the kids and hubby, as a family. We did have few trips, visited camping sites, had walking trips and played outside a lot. The kids really developed during this year so no long is the quality time spent sitting on the floor but now the kids enjoy active life. I love that I do remember thing we did together from this year, something that I have lost before (due to bad sleep, not scheduling time for this etc.). To me, the goal was ACHIEVED.

Relationships: I wanted to concentrate my attention to three person in my life: the hubby, my mom and my dad. With hubby we did have more dates together than before, not as often as I had wished, but this was a good start. I did spent time with mom as monthly basis and as my dad finally moved to the same town with us, I got to spend more time with him too! I think this goal was ACHIEVED too.

Me: My focus points for this year were: to read more books (I started going to library and actually finished many books this year!), start to exercise (I started running and ran a half marathon in time 2h 19 min!!!), sleep more (ok, I did this even too much, if a normal state would be 8h/night, in a year I’ve slept almost 100 over hours :D) and to pamper myself once a month (after Spring I kind of stopped doing this, need to improve!). If all this was combined, I’d say that for this goal I ROCKED!

Oh how much it brings me joy to write all this down, to see that I did some great things this year. I really feel like I’ve achieved great many things and improved not only my own life but the life of those I love most!

It’s been a great year, let’s see what the year 2015 brings along!


Have a wonderful New Year 2015! 🌌

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Capsule Wardrobe – Winter 14-15


Lately my mornings have become really busy and I’ve started to look for ways to automate my mornings.

I came across some months ago “project333”, that advices to pick (in total) 33 pieces of clothes and accessories, and use that set for three months. As I’ve started to learn how to become minimalist, I immediately loved the idea.

Then on one morning I noticed that I was wearing a really ridiculous set of clothes. Not only had I combined colors  weirdly but the cut of the clothes just did not match. And it’s not that I have that many clothes but when I picked up those pieces from my wardrobe, I obviously had not had time to take a look into the mirror until it was too late (I was already at work).

At that moment I decided to create a wardrobe, from which I can mix and match basically anything. I went through my clothes and accessories and divided those in to two piles: ones I want to wear now and oned I don’t want to wear so much now. There was no discard pile as I had done that just few weeks ago.

I put the other pile back and narrowed down the clothes and accessories into 33 pieces:


4 x t-shirts (basic black, blue, red and red blouse)
4 x long sleeved shirts (basic black, blue with long collar, red sweater and beige/black long sweater/dress)
3 x cardigans (two blacks, other is warmer and one gray)
3 x jeans (blue, red and black)
1 x skirt


2 x leggings (red and black)
3 x bags (small, medium, big)
5 x scarves
4 x shoes (work shoes missing)
2 x jackets (lighter and warmer missing)

The “thing” for this wardrobe is scarves.

I have not included in here my glasses (though I do sometimes wear contacts), rings (never take off) or earrings (really rarely change these at the moment).

In addition I have a bonus category: dressy dress, where I have the dress, high heels and one set of jewellery.

(Exercise, lounging and sleeping clothes, or underwear obviously not included.)

At first I thought that it would be really hard to make versatile outfits from this set and I initially had less scarves and shoes (and did not include jackets), but then I actually created digitally the outfits and noticed that I actually could leave few shirts and include even the jackets in this 33 pieces!

To make the mornings even easier, I actually digitally made all the possible outfits I could think of (that were wearable and matched) and ended up with around 60 different outfits! I divided those around the three months I’ll wear these and for the days I didn’t have outfit ready, I picked my favorite outfit and copied it.

So now I have printed and taped a paper on my wardrobe door that has one week of outfits readymade in it, for the next 2,5 months! Couldn’t be any easier!

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November Wrapup

So, in November…

I had my birthday! We went to eat, to bar for one and to a movie (The Maze Runner, liked it) with hubby. Had a nice date 🙂

Then I was sick and totally lost my voice.

I had a trip to another city (seminar and cocktail party after that). It was fun!

Then I was sick again, with a bad flu.

I went to a kids concert with the little Sir, and the trip confirmed it. He’s not so much into music, but we did have a great time together.

The hubby also had his birthday, and the cake I made for him (recipe according to his wish) was a total failure. I was so annoyed 😦

And then I was sick again, with worse flu.

And that was the month. Dark, wet and fluish month. Luckily the birthdays and trips made it bearable. I think I ran maybe twice. Being sick sucked (all my energy) and I just couldn’t do anything!

Better ending for the year (is coming)!

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Digital scrapbooking



I’ve been dreaming on doing some scrapbooking for years, after our wedding even bought some supplies for that. But just couldn’t make it. Takes too much time, cannot do it while the kids are around, not to mention how the supplies are expensive and take lots of space!

Then two weeks ago it hit me. Digital scrapbooking! Why didn’t I think about it earlier???

I’ve come across “Project Life” many many times but now I actually started to think I could make it too!

It bothers me so much that I have baby books for both of my kids but I haven’t filled those in over a year… I have so many pics on my phone but I do not make paper copies of them. I have so many memories I have lost, so many funny things I have forgotten…

Next year my plan and goal is to make a sheet, one for every week.

As I need to practice on producing pretty sheets, I did my first tryout about a date night we had yesterday:

date night

Not as pretty as I’d wish but this was the best I could do while the little princess was sleeping and little sir watching kids tv…

Nut not too bad either, huh? 🙂

September and October Wrapup

Omg, it’s been two months since my last blog post! Somehow the fall has just gone by so fast!

So in September I did something awesome I’m so proud of and still feel good. I ran half a marathon! And exceeded even my own expectations 🙂 2h 19min!!!!

That definetily was the highlight of my fall.

After the marathon I kept two weeks free from running and after that have been running short distances only twice a week. As the mornings have grown dark and wet, I don’t run in the mornings. Instead I’ve grown into a habit of doing a short yoga and meditation sessions before anyone else has woken up. Definetily does some good for my mind too!

And we had some unfortunate event as the hubby is now unemployed. So I go to work by bike instead of car and get a good dose of exercise from that.

I’ve continued reading and visit the library at least once a month. Kids love going there too!

I’ve gone through our house for second time now and donated a lot of stuff to Red Cross. I feel so much lighter and have gotten so many compliments from friends and neighbors about the order we have in our home. I have to admit, I’m proud of this accomplishment, however, I always tell everyone that it has taken the whole year! Did not happen over night!

What else? My monthly beauty treat still has not happened… I’ll try next year this again… I’ve spent some time together with mom but haven’t had a date with the hubby… Tough it’s not so bad, as the kids go to bed early also during weekends, we have always time for a movie and cuddle in the sofa 🙂

I can’t believe it’s November already! We got some snow today and the kids were so happy about it! Too bad I had high fever and couldn’t go out to enjoy the beautiful weather with them today. But winter is here!

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August Wrapup

August went by even faster than the previous months!

We had two weeks of summer vacation and we travelled quite a bit (not abroad though). We had nice quality time with family and friends. I ran but also had a small break in it. I slept and read a lot!

Only the garage was not finished in organizing it as a friend is keeping all his stuff there for two months. But we’ll continue with it next month.

For september I have some cool stuff coming up!!!

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Dining Room Organization


Our dining room is between the kitchen and livingroom, and besides the table it has a freezer and a cupboard for “china” (mostly glasses).




I did some re-organizing but most of my time went on scrubbing the food stains from the table and kids chairs… I solemnly swear from now I will not leave food remainings on the table or chairs. It was so irritating to scrub them off!


I also put the pictures on the wall in different positions to better define the area as separate from the livingroom. And gave some space around the table. I dream on bigger table, now this fits just and just us four but with guests there simply is not enough space for more than cups (no cake or anything else)…


Still one thing remains, lower the lamp as the cord was too short when we hung it.

This is the last room in our house! Yay, I’ve finished organizing it all inside! 🙂

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Livingroom Organization


Our livingroom does not have much to organize.


The tv-table has three drawers, which have some kids games and stuff for the PS3. Behind the glass door we used to have our dvd’s, of which most I sold in the spring.


The thing that has bothered me for long are the cords. So I took some time to find a way to hide those.


I made a hole in the cupboard and hid the cords there. Much better!

I finally found new courtains to the livingroom and the curtains are so much lighter now.


I put the rocking chair and floor lamp to the playroom so that the space would feel less crowded. Even though the space is slightly smaller now because I made the play area bigger, I like it now.

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July Wrapup

Oh July just flied past. I had a flu (again!), kids had runny noses and I missed few runs. But I kept few days off to use my over hours and was able to do quite a lot at home.

So I didn’t run as much I planned to and because the weather has been soooo hot, long runs have been quite hard.

But I did manage to finish going through the whole inside of the house and have now everything organized, yay! We also had a good start on the garage too.

I had a lunch together with the hubby and we took that as a date. I also spent few hours together with mom in sales.

And finally I got back to reading, I visited the local library with the little sir and loaned three books which I have almost all finished! Even the little princess lets me to read for a while nowadays 🙂

I didn’t go for any beauty treats but I made a decision to pay off the rest of my student loan this year, so I’m using the beauty money for that now.

All in all the month was hot, ok in terms of productivity and quite normal.

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